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Company Values

These are the Companies' key values that ensure the success of every Flournoy development.

Quality is first in everything we do. From the careful selection of subcontractors and construction materials, to the detail and content of corporate reporting, there is an unmistakable commitment to quality throughout the Flournoy organization.

Resident Satisfaction The Flournoy team understands that ultimately resident satisfaction drives the success of its business. The company philosophy is founded on offering the highest level of customer service possible to its residents.

Integrity is the corner stone of all we do and say on a daily basis in providing the products and services to our clients. The foundation of our business, our employee's livelihood and our future as a company is dependent on the trust and respect we have from our many lenders, equity partners and vendors we transact business with. As a company we are entrusted with several hundred million dollars a year and we must never fracture that trust by compromising our integrity because it is paramount to our future success.

Experience, Accountability, and Loyalty of Employees is important at every level and facet of our businesses. We believe no one is above being accountable – inside or outside of our company – and people should do what they say. By providing a high level of training and empowering all employees to think and act as owners, Flournoy enjoys some of the lowest employee turnover and the highest employee productivity in the industry.

Innovation and Vision will keep our companies and employees on the leading edge of our industry. We value personal development in each employee's discipline to ensure we are always providing the best products; which the market demands. Only with education and an environment that fosters creativity will ideas and results surface to the top. We never want to discourage an employee or vendor to share their thoughts and ideas of doing it better. How can we improve our product?

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